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Our goal is to be the most innovative shared masternode service. We provide unique instruments to maximize your profits from masternodes, such as instant shares, reinvestment and many more. Midas provides flexibility and stability for your shares.

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What is a masternode?

Masternode is a part of a coin’s network that participates in verifying blockchain. Masternode owners receive a part of block rewards. But usually you need to spend a lot of money to get enough coins for a masternode. That makes masternodes high risk and high reward investment.

What is a share?

If you do not have enough money to launch a masternode, you can buy a share of it to recieve rewards proportional of invested percent. Shares are the best way to diversify your risks in high volatile masternode market. Midas has unique features that will help you to analyse projects, diversify risks and create a stable portfolio for passive income.

How to work with Midas

Pick a coin

Midas supports more than 40 masternode coins. To choose between them you need to consider their price, return of investment, project idea, team, etc. You can find all required information on our dashboard and masternode rating.

Invest in a masternode

Send your coins to Midas, and we will assign them to our masternodes. You will get your first profit just in a few hours. You can choose to reinvest rewards to increase your share with compound interest.

You have full control of your coins. Feel free to buy more shares or withdraw them any time.

Monitor your investment

Use a simple interface to calculate your profits and take control of the passive income. Various data provides information to help you make effective financial decisions.

Why Midas?

We constantly improve our service to give investors just what they need.


Most of our coins have instant-share feature. You do not need to wait in queue for masternode formation. Earn right after sending coins. Withdraw any time.


Reinvest rewards to increase your share by compound interest.

Multiple payouts a day

Each masternode reward splits between investors. It gives an opportunity to react in time on price movements.

BTC investments

Join Midas BTC Fund to receive up to 30% income monthly

Full automatization

Guarantees stability of payments and security of investments.


February – March 2018

  1. The launch of the service
  2. Development of Instant-shares and reinvestment features
  3. An algorithm to detect scam coins
  4. BTC Investment

April 2018

  1. Rebranding, website update
  2. Alpha-testing of a platform with automated instant shares
  3. Website with masternode’s rating and statistics

May 2018

  1. The release of a platform with automated instant shares
  2. User interface upgrade
  3. Buy coins with BTC
  4. Alpha-testing of queue shares

Summer 2018

  1. Platform release
  2. Adding new types of investments
  3. Fully automated service for passive crypto-income available to anyone
  4. Midas coin (MN or Erc-20)

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